International publishing agencies with focus on IT are invited to use Sectank

Riedstadt: Sectank, the well known German vendor magazine is opening it’s doors for publishing agencies with focus on IT and IT security around the globe for a short period of time for free.

Marketing departments of companies and publishing agencies are invited to use our international digital twin which we lately set online for free for a period of two months.

There will be no registration / de-registration, no cancellation needed , the service will automatically end after 2 months for the cost of …nothing.

We would be more than happy if we could really have a smart products, services and news competition around the globe in our magazine. We would like to learn about new products and services on each continent, state and every corner of your country.

Sectank has interfaces into Facebook (deactivated at the moment for both twins), to Twitter and to Linkedin. We also have a picture database of more than 1000 pictures which can be used. There is no need to buy except expressively wanted.



Please drop us a mail under and we install your user, send you our handbook and also give you an introduction on how to use our easy to use wordpress system for a free posting period of two months on our international magazine . 47 german agencies and marketing departments of companies use sectank.

Our German magazine is very successful, free of advertisement, and passed the threshold of 120.000 readers per month in the DACH area since a long time.

Please don’t wait. Always remember: “Doing is like wanting, only more blatant”. Help us to awake sectanks digital twin from the sleeping beauty. Be a member of a new rising international magazine.

Sectank normally offers a flatrate posting for as many customers agencies have for 50 Euro per month. Every contract with Sectank can be cancelled after two months earliest.