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Germany ranks 5th in the world by breach count

Surfshark, Alexander Tsolkas
Following the recent news on hackers obtaining 25 thousand files with customer data of Motel One and waiting for payment, Surfshark’s Global Data Breach statistics by cybersecurity company Surfshark can provide insights about the overall state of data breaches in Germany. 
Data shows that since 2004, a total of 477M accounts have been breached in Germany, second highest count in Western Europe (after France): 
“On a global scale, 206 accounts are breached per 100 people on average, – comments Agneska Sablovskaja, Lead Researcher at Surfshark. “However, in Germany, this number goes up to 572 per 100 people. Statistically speaking, an average German has been affected by data breaches around 6 times.“
Key insights about data breaches in Germany: 
  • Germany has had a total of 950M data points have been exposed since 2004. On average, each email address is leaked with 2 additional data points.

  • 510M passwords were leaked together with German accounts, putting 54% of breached users in danger of account takeover that might lead to identity theft, extortion, or other cybercrimes.

  • Germany ranks 3rd in Europe and 5th globally based on the breach count since 2004 (477M compromised internet accounts).

  • Since 2004, a total of 17B accounts have been breached worldwide, and approximately a third of them have unique email addresses.