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Pentests for Black Friday prices at Tsolkas IT Services GmbH & Co. KG

Riedstadt, Germany

As a special for the year end, Tsolkas IT Services GmbH & Co. KG is offering pentests for Black Friday fees until year end 31.12.2023. For all out customers with a contract we can provide our pentesters for 750 Euro/8h on-site (informed by email), for new customers for 850 Euro/8h. The remote day-rate is 100 Euro lower per day.

Professional pentests are a means of determining a realistic assessment of the security level of the target system. The tests are carried out using means and methods that cyber criminals use. Pentests analyze the target system from the perspective of highly specialized hackers. Our pentests are conducted under the standards of OSSTMM, OWASP NIST, PTES and ISSAF.

Our team of 48 pentesters offers prevention against digital attacks in the IT security area and the fulfillment of legal and other requirements on the data protection side.

Many pentests repeatedly show that target systems have security vulnerabilities. These are repeatedly exploited by hackers, but also in the course of industrial espionage (see ). Without good pentests, it is very difficult to guarantee the security of IT systems.

All penetration tests are conducted using ethical methods. A framework agreement, a service certificate, is created for each pentest. After the pentest, the results are presented in a detailed report. Each report includes an assessment of the vulnerability or risk and a recommended action on how to address vulnerabilities and gaps. To round off this service, if desired, we offer further training or workshops following tests, such as secure coding or secure administration, etc., or we also provide recommendations for updating existing security guidelines.